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Pipes and Drains

Working with pipes and drains is the nitty-gritty part of working as a plumber. In new construction, plumbers play an important role in the start up part of the project because they have to do the groundwork required for pipe and drain installation. They are also the main people to call when you have a plumbing emergency.

The types of repairs that they effect in homes and buildings include a wide range of services. Some of the most common ones are leaking drains, a leaking dishwasher and a leaking washing machine. They are also experts at working with drain blockage and have the equipment needed to unblock drains. Repairing leaking pipes, both inside and out, fall under the domain of the work that a plumber does. Leaking downpipes, for example, often cause damage outside the home if the problem is not repaired quickly.

All these types of repairs mean that plumbers often have to work in wet and smelly environments. This is why they wear protective clothing and other equipment.

Most plumbers will be able to carry out Pipes and Drains Repairs & Maintenance however the ones we have listed on this page have said that they specialise in pipes and drains maintenance and repairs.

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F G Henderson
66 Charnock Hall Road
0114-265 8380
Link to F G Henderson page
Affordable Plumbing and Property Maintenance
7 The Hookfield
01746 552504
No Ratings...Link to Affordable Plumbing and Property Maintenance page
ADI Plumbers in Heathrow
Suite 228, Lakeside House
0208 5282192
No Ratings...Link to ADI Plumbers in Heathrow page
Rapid Plumbing and Heating
76 albion street
No Ratings...Link to Rapid Plumbing and Heating page
G Smith Plumbing & Gas Services
Aston road
0113 2361245
No Ratings...Link to G Smith Plumbing & Gas Services page
T J Brown Plumbing & Drainage
22 Dryland Road
01634 243281
No Ratings...Link to T J Brown Plumbing & Drainage page
Graham Layton Plumbing and Heating
32 Westcombe Avenue
Link to Graham Layton Plumbing and Heating page
Westgate Direct Maintenance
44 Grange av
No Ratings...Link to Westgate Direct Maintenance page
Dial A Plumber
365 Park Road
0121 523 9945
Link to Dial A Plumber page
Safe Plumber
35 Moreton Street
0800 043 3445
No Ratings...Link to Safe Plumber page
ADI Plumbers
Suite 15, 1st Floor, Maple House
01707 229430
No Ratings...Link to ADI Plumbers page
Pd Parnell Plumbing
157 Sidegate Lane
No Ratings...Link to Pd Parnell Plumbing page
Plannet Plumbing Services Ltd
78 Halegate Rd
0151 425 3535
No Ratings...Link to Plannet Plumbing Services Ltd page
Gavin Clarke Contracting Services Ltd
Dalton House
0800 0075862
No Ratings...Link to Gavin Clarke Contracting Services Ltd page
AGR Plumbing Solutions
24 greenwood drive
01362 853384
No Ratings...Link to AGR Plumbing Solutions page
20 queensby drive
0141 573 9503
No Ratings...Link to GAS page
Perfect Circle Plumbing & Bathroom Installations
unit 5 Marshall Industrial Estate
01902 275285
No Ratings...Link to Perfect Circle Plumbing & Bathroom Installations page
JC Brightman Plumbing & Heating
104 Westhill Road
No Ratings...Link to JC Brightman Plumbing & Heating page
North London Plumber
38 Culloden Road
Link to North London Plumber page
H C Cox
28 Beech Tree Road
01494 713718
No Ratings...Link to H C Cox page
Emergency Plumber Manchester
Suite 137
0161 8501750
No Ratings...Link to Emergency Plumber Manchester page
Gas Service Ltd
Lower Farm
01630 620 222
No Ratings...Link to Gas Service Ltd page
52 Queenshill Drive
0113 8800 799
No Ratings...Link to Mcpsl page
B C Maintenance Services
47 Rosedale
01707 334009
No Ratings...Link to B C Maintenance Services page
Ash Pluming Services
01474 879 727
No Ratings...Link to Ash Pluming Services page



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